“ChoraChori” is the Nepali word for “children”. It’s also the name of our UK registered charity that’s confronting violence against children in Nepal, including child rape, managing trauma and bringing child rapists to justice.





We envision ChoraChori at the forefront of a national and international network that confronts violence against Nepalese children and addresses its consequences.




“He who saves one life saves the world”. We will launch a rescue mission to rescue even one child.


We fight trafficking at the grassroots rather than through attending conferences and workshops


We have zero tolerance of corruption and will never pay money to secure a child’s freedom


We prioritise reuniting children with the families where they belong


We will support rescued children until they are safe and/or they can look after themselves


We will ensure that children’s voices are heard and their talents nurtured


We offer financial and operational transparency and are always open to visits and inspections


We’ll make sure every penny counts



ChoraChori rescues Nepali children from abusive situations in Nepal and India, manages their trauma and reintegrates them with their families and communities. Where this is not possible, we provide for children’s care, education and training until they can look after themselves as young adults. We bring child abusers to justice.




We are the only Nepal-based organisation that is proactive about tracing trafficked and displaced Nepalese children (mainly boys) in India. We rescue them from abusive, Dickensian “children’s shelters” and repatriate them to be reunited, where possible, with their families in Nepal..


We rescue and protect child rape victims, supporting them and their families while we bring rapists to justice. The incidence of rape in Nepal has quadrupled in the last ten years with over half of the victims, minors. We will reverse this trend.


At our care facilities on the outskirts of Kathmandu, we assess repatriated children’s needs (social, health, educational) and provide what is needed for their wellbeing. We have a transit boys’ hostel, while girls are managed at our Children’s Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre (CRRC). Meantime we trace families and work hard towards facilitating reunification.


Collocated with our CRRC we operate a residential Child Trauma Management Centre where staff counsellors, supported by specialists from around the world, provide a range of therapies for child sexual abuse survivors. This is a daunting challenge – we manage children who lack the vocabulary to describe what has happened to them.


Where family reunification is not possible, we provide long term care until children can fend for themselves as young adults. This includes providing education and vocational training, but above all, love and security.


We train girls in tailoring and silver jewellery making skills as part of our support to vulnerable girls who are school drop-outs or who come from rural communities where sexual abuse is commonplace. This includes a three-year collaboration with The Soroptimist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland from October 2019 in the “Empowering Girls in Nepal” project.


ChoraChori-Nepal employs a dedicated staff legal team that investigates rape cases and seeks prosecutions. Rapists have been acting with impunity and we will stop that.


We provide capital and revenue funding to support under-resourced government schools in Nepal. We have built schools and classrooms and paid for students’ fees. Most of our support is focussed on Kitini College in Lalitpur District, one of the top achieving government schools in the country in spite of being so under-resourced.


With climate change having an increasing impact on the environment, including shrinking glaciers in Nepal and changes in weather patterns that are harming agriculture, we are developing projects that help restore the balance. This includes through carbon-offset schemes.


ChoraChori stands ready to provide targeted emergency relief in response to natural disasters that can follow earthquakes or result from climate change. We provided support after the 2015 earthquakes and the 2018 floods.



ChoraChori in UK raises the funds and provides the expertise needed to allow ChoraChori-Nepal (CC-N) to achieve its goals and build its capacity towards becoming a self-sufficient social welfare organisation. We keep the UK administrative costs to an absolute minimum with just a CEO who works from home, supported by Trustees and other volunteers. CC-N has a small core staff at its Head Office in Kathmandu, supporting its field staff, child rescue teams and refuge/rehabilitation operation.




Convert our CRRC into a girls-only facility through opening a transit boys’ hostel.
Completed 🗹


Expand vocational training to include advanced tailoring and silver jewellery in our own workshops.
Completed 🗹


Complete the retrofit of Kitini College to make it earthquake-resistant.
Completed 🗹


Open a new girls’ hostel in Kathmandu.
Awaiting funding


Purchase a dedicated vehicle for our field teams in Nepal.
Awaiting funding


Raise £100,000 towards 2020 Nepal costs through our Big Give Christmas Appeal.
Awaiting funding



Launch a bursary/scholarship scheme at Kitini College.
Awaiting funding


Continue to build the capacity of ChoraChori-Nepal to manage its own affairs.
Awaiting funding





working in partnership with ChoraChori-Nepal we have;


Since August 2015 we have rescued 141 Nepali children from India, reuniting all but 9 of them with their families. We have raised awareness of the plight of Nepal’s lost children through the media.


We helped 115 children by rebuilding three primary schools that were destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes. We have funded science laboratories and a new computer suite at the state secondary school that is attended by 1700 students.


We have established a 12 bed residential child trauma management centre in Kathmandu, supported by a boys’ and a girls’ refuge on the same site. Each of these has a 30 bed capacity.


We have funded the higher secondary education of 16 vulnerable girls from Tipling in Dhading District. While staying at our Kathmandu facility we have trained them to produce crafts that have sold internationally.


Following the floods of August 2017 we provided emergency food relief to 96 families followed by materials for rebuilding to 14 families in south Nepal.


In 2017 we assisted with training support to two young Nepalese circus professionals – both trafficking survivors – before their show went on tour to Norway and UK. Their show was seen by audiences totalling 2,212.



Clotilde Hunter

Clotilde Hunter

Chairman View Details
Julie Graham

Julie Graham

Trustee View Details
Brian Muirhead

Brian Muirhead

Trustee View Details
Helen Buckworth

Helen Buckworth

Trustee View Details
Rory Buckworth

Rory Buckworth

Trustee View Details
Philip Hunter

Philip Hunter

Trustee View Details
Lt Col (retd) Philip Holmes

Lt Col (retd) Philip Holmes

Co-Founder View Details
Beverley Holmes

Beverley Holmes

Co-Founder View Details
Clotilde Hunter

Clotilde Hunter


Clotilde grew up and trained as an Occupational Therapist in France. She moved to the UK in 1998 and, after meeting her British husband, the UK became her second homeland. In 2009 they decided to adopt Nepal as their third homeland, meeting Beverley and Philip Holmes in Kathmandu. Since then the life of destitute children and young women in Nepal has been close to her heart and she has fundraised for Nepal children’s charities. In 2018 Clotilde became a qualified craniosacral therapist, sharing child management techniques that she learned during a visit to ChoraChori-Nepal’s facility in early 2018.

Julie Graham

Julie Graham


Julie is a graduate in social work from Queen’s University Belfast, who is currently working within the education welfare sector in Northern Ireland. She has volunteered twice in Nepal, on both occasions working with deprived and marginalised children at Bhairahawa on the Indian border. During that time she saw the best and worst of the country, the latter including gender and caste discrimination and grinding poverty. Notwithstanding that, she developed a profound respect and love for Nepal’s resilient people and its children.

Brian Muirhead

Brian Muirhead


Brian is a graduate lawyer and chartered accountant with a long career in finance, consulting and private equity. Having visited Nepal several times for trekking he has been an enthusiastic supporter of several Nepali charities. He spends his time now working with and investing in start-up businesses and enjoying travel and the arts. He is also a Trustee of Longborough Festival Opera.

Helen Buckworth

Helen Buckworth


Helen is a qualified solicitor who worked in the City of London and Hong Kong before leaving work to concentrate on her family. She has travelled widely and was introduced to ChoraChori by her son Rory who, together with two friends, cycled from Shanghai to Kathmandu in 2016 raising funds for ChoraChori’s new Trauma Management Centre in Godavari. Helen deals with all legacy enquiries to the charity.

Rory Buckworth

Rory Buckworth


Rory, who is Helen’s son, is a graduate in philosophy and a senior business development executive with recruitment start-up Tempo. He first became involved with ChoraChori in 2016 when with two others (including Philip Hunter) organised a sponsored cycle ride from Shanghai to Kathmandu. This raised £56,000 for the construction of CC-N’s child trauma management centre.

Philip Hunter

Philip Hunter


Philip is a graduate in mechanical engineering. He is employed as a corporate fundraiser with St Mungo’s, the homelessness charity. He will be supporting the CEO in applications to the corporate sector.

Lt Col (retd) Philip Holmes

Lt Col (retd) Philip Holmes


Philip is the Chief Executive and co-Founder of ChoraChori. He has been working in the charitable sector since 1999, having founded children’s charity The Esther Benjamins Trust (EBT) in that year followed by ChoraChori in January 2015, both charities working for Nepalese children. Between 2004 and 2012 he lived in Nepal where he gained a wealth of operational experience while the team that he led shut down a specific child trafficking route between Nepal and India – an unprecedented result in that part of south Asia.

Beverley Holmes

Beverley Holmes


Bev works for two days per week as Chief Operating Officer. She co-founded ChoraChori with Philip. Her previous employment was as Deputy Director with The Esther Benjamins Trust between 2002 and 2006 when she dropped out of employment to bring up her children. Prior to that she was a TV producer for 20 years.



Amrita Acharia

Nepalese-Ukrainian actress Amrita Acharia has starred in HBO’s “Game of Thrones“, ITV’s “Good Karma Hospital“, “Acquitted“ (Norway) and the forthcoming animation “The Missing Link“ (Laika). She visited the project in 2019 and now supports the charity through fundraising and communications, including film direction.

Zack Feather

After attending Leeds University and then moving to London, Zack set up one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the UK. He now spends his time working with and investing in companies. He visited Nepal incognito in 2015 as an “Undercover Angel” from the National Geographic TV series of the same name. Zack went on to fund the setup costs of our first boys’ refuge and the rebuilding of a school that was destroyed in the earthquake. He continues to support ChoraChori through acting as a mentor to the Chief Executive.

“Nims” Purja

Former Gurkha and Special Forces soldier “Nims” Purja became our third Ambassador in 2019. Nims has a series of mountaineering world records to his name, not to mention saving the lives of a number of stricken climbers in the Himalayas. For these he was appointed MBE by HM The Queen in 2016. In 2019 he undertook “Project Possible”, endeavouring to set a new world record for summitting the world’s mountains 14 that are over 8,000 metres, all of which are in the Himalayas, in seven months. The previous record for this achievement stands at almost 8 years!

Nims chose our charity from the large number that approached him because he felt that our edgy work most reflected his own values. He also is passionate about mental health issues (a subject that attracts a great deal of stigma in Nepal) having lost a close friend in the past year to suicide. And, having seen with his own eyes the impact of climate change in the Himalayas, is urging us all to take action now before it’s too late.



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By the way, another milestone passed. Thanks!

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ChoraChori's cover photo

A trip into Kathmandu for the girls on the ChoraChori vocational training course.

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We believe that every child must get good education, and a safe environment for learning.

Pictured here are the students from Kitini School where we have been supporting with ... See more

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Every child must get the childhood where they can play, learn and simply have the cheery-bubbly times. Here, at Chora Chori, we make sure of that through our trauma management ... See more

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The challenges of selecting trainees for ChoraChori's residential courses

Finding the right trainees! https://www.chorachori.org.uk/trainees/

ChoraChori field staff have been in Jhapa, southeast Nepal, to select trainees for the organisation's vocational training courses.

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12 Days of Giving | Movement for Good |

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£120,000 to 120 Charities in 12 Days

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Through its vocational programme, ChoraChori provides advanced skills.

Advanced skills training at ChoraChori gives a fresh start and a second career. https://www.chorachori.org.uk/circus-2/

ChoraChori offers advanced skills training at its vocational centre in Kathmandu, giving girls opportunities to earn an excellent income.


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