February 5, 2018 Chora Chori

Child Trauma Management

Over the years the staff members of ChoraChori both in the UK and Nepal have developed a wealth of experience in dealing with child trauma. This has ranged from managing child trafficking survivors rescued from India to supporting children who suffered more than others through the 2015 earthquakes. We have achieved remarkable results using conventional counselling in combination with the use of art and the performing arts, drawing upon both local and foreign expertise. The latter has included an input from our German partner, Hatemalo.

The Child Trauma Management Centre

The Child Trauma Management Centre

In May 2017 ChoraChori-Nepal took this activity forward by completing the building of a Child Trauma Management Centre on the same site as its Kathmandu children’s refuge. The building phase was funded entirely through the sponsorship proceeds of a cycle challenge from the previous year through which three British cyclists raised £59,336 while the furnishing was through generous grant funding from The Mandala Trust. The centre is primarily for girls and the use of art is central to therapy. However, boys have benefited too.


In August 2017 we appointed a highly qualified Clinical Director, Mrs Sailu Rajbhandari, who has been preparing and training the care staff ready to receive girls in 2018. Sailu has in turn been supported by our partner charity, Unity In Health, with its Founder, Mr Joao Marcal-Grilo paying several visits to the Centre.


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