February 3, 2018 Chora Chori

Education Projects

ChoraChori supports education projects within the Kathmandu valley, thereby ensuring that progress can be successfully monitored and evaluated. Following the 2015 earthquakes we rebuilt three primary schools in the hills above Kathmandu, funding free school lunches to restore attendances to pre-earthquake levels.

In 2017 we turned our attention to Kitini College where we funded a new computer room and the set-up of science laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and Biology. This has allowed these subjects to be taught to the highest levels for the first time and, since then, Kitini College has converted to become an English medium school. This has been particularly gratifying as 70% of the school’s students are girls, a reflection of how parents choose to send their sons to private schools. Our support to Kitini College has meant that it is now on a par with local private schools and those parents who discriminate against their daughters are probably now wasting their money!

We have been very pleased to take on the Kitini School capital developments as “in memoriam” projects for Zoe Carss and Lucy Monro and to have rebuilt primary schools in memory of Christian Kaesler and Guy Joseph. We are always open to discuss similar projects in future.

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