February 4, 2018 Chora Chori

Vocational Training

ChoraChori provides educational and training support to those refuge children who cannot be reunited with their families (e.g. if they are runaways from domestic abuse). The education may be non-formal (at the refuge itself) or formal at the nearby state secondary school, Kitini College. However, some children of course lack the academic capacity to succeed in the rigorous Nepalese exams, or it may be just too late for them to catch up. So in 2018 we started in-house vocational training for these children, initially providing a three month course in welding and metalwork. During 2018 we plan to extend this to electrician and plumbing training for boys and tailoring for both sexes. In this way we can enhance employability either for jobs in Nepal or abroad. We will also offer training places to students who drop out of nearby schools, including Kitini College, because they can’t make the grade academically.

A further option is to send our beneficiaries onto higher vocational training courses once they have proven their aptitude and commitment on in-house training. These residential courses are quite expensive and we are currently seeking champions who can fund a place on one of these courses. If you can help us by investing in a teenager’s future please get in touch using the button below.

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