Anjali’s second career

Through its advanced vocational training programme, ChoraChori offers second career opportunities. In my memoir, Gates of Bronze, I described how - bizarrely - we set up a contemporary circus group for young people whom my then charity had rescued from slavery inside Indian circuses. Many children had been lured into this miserable existence by traffickers

New Developments in Chora Chori

Chora Chori serves to rescue children from trafficking and abusive situations, reintegrate back into society and provide rehabilitation. The extent of our work is beyond just simple tasks, and wouldn’t be possible without our ever committed team from Chora Chori Nepal (CCN). This month, CCN welcomed two team members into Chora Chori for its capacity

Son of The Thief

ChoraChori rescues former street kid with a story to tell This is the story of Ramesh, a former street kid in both Nepal and India. ChoraChori rescued him in March this year after Ramesh completed a tough journey, both literally and metaphorically. Gulmi District Son of The Thief Ramesh was born 17 years