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Educating Nepali children

Educating Nepali children

Hill school destroyed by the 2015 Nepal earthquakes

Hill school destroyed by the 2015 Nepal earthquakes

Ever since the two major Nepal earthquakes of 2015 ChoraChori has been helping restore education to Nepali children. Our impact as a small Nepal charity has been both impressive and cost-effective. But much more needs to be done!

The impact of the Nepal earthquakes

The Nepal earthquakes of April and May 2015 killed 20,000 people and destroyed half a million homes and community buildings. The impact was felt greatest in the hills where endemic poverty was already a major “push” factor that fuels child trafficking. Moreover, the children who drop out of school early become ready prey for the traffickers.

So ChoraChori intervened quickly to restore education in the hills to the southeast of Kathmandu. This involved rebuilding three village primary schools totally. We also incentivised attendance by providing revenue support, including free school lunches.

Our Vision for education in Nepal

ChoraChori aims to establish good quality, sustainable primary and secondary education within Lalitpur and Kavre Districts that motivates children, teachers and families alike.

Education programme objectives

In 2017 and 2018 we will:

  • Improve the fabric of schools
  • Increase educational provision
  • Encourage attendance and reduce drop-outs
  • Introduce local sustainability
  • Research needs at other schools

Funding Needs

1. Improving the fabric of Nepalese primary schools

Although we have rebuilt the primary schools we need to furnish them. There is a particular need to provide floor coverings and classroom furniture at the pre-school classes. Estimated cost for the latter at three primary schools is £770. We can provide the schools with libraries and books at a cost of £3,800.

Nepal International Marathon

Children enjoying a free lunch at a ChoraChori supported school

2. Enhancing secondary education for Nepali children

Kitini School wishes to extend its computer training and the teaching of science to higher grades. However the 12 computers at Kitini School are now ten years old and obsolete; three of them no longer work. The cost for replacing all 12 computers is £3,700. Setting up a science lab will cost £4,600.

3. Encouraging school attendance and reducing drop outs

We wish to continue provide free school lunches until these can be funded by the schools’ own means (see below). The annual cost of lunches for 100 children is £3,240. At one primary school, Chapakharka, we would like to continue to pay the salary of one additional teacher at an annual cost of £360.

Nepali children in education

Reeti Sharma with school children

4. Introducing local sustainability

We aim to introduce mushroom cultivation as a means of generating funds locally. The profits can subsidise the education programme, including the school lunches. The farming of oyster and shitake mushrooms is already common in Nepal. Mushrooms are a popular, high value crop that does not require arable land. The cost of setting up a shed is £600 and this yields a four-fold return on investment. As a starting point in 2017 we will set up two trial sheds, one for oyster and one for shitake mushrooms.

5. Research of needs

ChoraChori staff member Reeti Sharma is tasked with monitoring and evaluating all of our education projects but also with researching needs at other schools. Reeti does this by visiting schools and by liaison with District Education offices. The annual budget for Reeti is £3,200, including travel and subsistence.

Budget Summary

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