Project Description


We are very pleased to inform you that we have been pledged £9,800 in “Champion” funding towards this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge. Now it is up to our supporters to help us turn the pledge into a grant!

Each Christmas, ChoraChori joins a host of other charities in taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge. The way this works is that in the week of 1st – 8th December all online donations towards our appeal will automatically double in value up to a set level according to pledges we secure beforehand. Half of these come from our own network and the very nice people at the Big Give attempt to match our pledges from their own contacts. This year we had secured £9,900 in pledges from our supporters and this morning we received the very good news that The Big Give has identified a “Champion” to match those pledges. Therefore, we will go into the Appeal with £19,800 available to match public donations in the first week of December, giving us a potential fundraising goal of £39,600.

This year, most of the funds raised will be offset against our Empowering Girls in Nepal project objectives for 2021.  A minimum of  55% of the amount raised will go towards education, training and livelihoods for vulnerable girls and women from marginalised communities in rural southeast Nepal. We also want to create an emergency fund that would allow us to respond immediately to natural disasters and other unforeseen situations next year. It is clearly preferable to have these funds in place before something happens and not be compelled to launch urgent appeals (as was the case this year). We also wish to set aside up to 5% of what we raise towards creating a small fund to benefit individual children whose circumstances come to our attention. These can be cases of extreme need (e.g. because of sickness) or perhaps to assist talented children who just need some short-term educational support.

To encourage donations and provide guidance towards our specific needs, we are currently drawing up a Christmas “shopping list” that will allow supporters to pledge donations before the Appeal goes live on the 1st December. Watch this space!


ChoraChori receives no government funding in either the UK or Nepal. We are entirely reliant upon grants from corporates and Foundations along with gifts that arise from community fundraising and individual supporters. Please do remember our needs if you are writing or updating your will. Even gifting 1% for ChoraChori after you have made provision for your top priorities could be made to go a very long way in Nepal. For further information on how we spent donations last year please check this summary of our accounts. And to find out more, just write to the ChoraChori Founder, Philip Holmes