Through an extension of The Big Give, ChoraChori is raising seed funding for a new girls’ shelter at Dhanusha in southeast Nepal.

In my last blog post “Empowering Liza” I described how ChoraChori was able to empower child rape victim “Liza” into taking action against her attackers. Child rape is endemic in Liza’s home District of Dhanusha in southeast Nepal – see for example this harrowing report from February this year. This article from last month’s Nepali Times gives a very useful insight into the issues that are fuelling the rape crisis in that part of Nepal.

Speaking this morning to Bhaskar Karki, Executive Director and co-Founder of ChoraChori-Nepal, he repeated the importance of our establishing a presence in Dhanusha as soon as funds become available. Only then can we properly engage with the girls, families, communities and stakeholders that will allow us to make a difference to this unacceptable situation.

We have managed to secure some additional pledges that will allow donations towards this initiative to be matched up until 11 a.m. GMT on the 21st December when the Big Give will finally end for this year. Please use the button below to double your gift and help us make this major step forward.

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