“The Forest” will be ChoraChori’s cross-cutting theme for our 2021 projects as we continue to protect and restore the natural environment, support vulnerable and abused girls and women and engage with marginalised communities in south Nepal.

Meeting Felicity Denby for coffee and a shot of creativity

Take a moment to check out our re-launched website that showcases some of our work as we move forward into 2021 with our dynamic Nepal partners, The Mithila Wildlife Trust and Lily’s Leaves. You will see that there is a very obvious common theme to our work and that is how our protection and restoration of forests in south Nepal will contribute to improving the natural environment and help sequestrate carbon while empowering girls and women through education, training and livelihoods.

As part of our continuing international (volunteer) consultancy, we had a great informal meeting this morning with London-based silversmith Felicity Denby, who happened to be passing through Devon. Felicity was originally introduced to us by our friends at Her Future Coalition. Over coffee, she shared with us some of her inspirational initial design ideas for jewellery based upon leaf themes. It has helped immensely that Felicity’s wealth of experience has extended to working at Her Future Coalition’s workshop in Calcutta, so she has a great insight into local materials and capacities.

We can’t wait to turn Felicity’s ideas into prototypes and look forward to emerging from all the negativity of this year with a creative outburst, passion and commitment that have always been the hallmarks of our work.