Nepal International Marathon

Nepal International Marathon ChoraChori is recruiting runners to take part in this year's Nepal International Marathon. This challenging, scenic trail running event takes place each November and is held in the hills above Kathmandu. Fancy taking on the run of a lifetime? Applications are now open for this year's Nepal International Marathon that the Impact

The Tipling Girls

Seven excited girls have arrived in Kathmandu ready to start an education and training programme that is being launched by ChoraChori-Nepal. The girls, who are in the age range 17 to 19, come from Tipling, Dhading District. This is a remote part of west Nepal, quite close to the Tibet border, that was near the

Usan beat me at chess

Over the coming three years ChoraChori plans to rescue 300 Nepali children from India. Based upon the outcome of our 60 rescues since August we can now safely assume that one third of those rescued cannot be returned to families. This is because we don't know the family whereabouts or because the domestic circumstances won't

Grand designs in Nepal

These are the drawings received this morning from volunteer architect Jonny Davies based upon a design by our colleagues at Good Earth Nepal in Kathmandu. We are hoping to start building this 40 bed facility for girl trafficking survivors from 1 June and will be fundraising in the meantime. We are well on the way

Trafficking of Nepali boys into India

Since August we have been rescuing trafficked and displaced Nepali boys from India. This report in today's Himalayan Times reminded us of the dangers and how important our work has been. We know Manahari well; it has been a trafficking hotspot for many years with a lot of girls being sent from there to become

Reunification challenges

Numbers continue to drop at our Kathmandu shelter with two more boys reunited with family today. Reunification isn't made any easier by the information offered by the returnees. These two boys, aged 12 and 13, had said they were brothers when they were actually cousins and one had changed his name to avoid being separated

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