Chora Chori serves to rescue children from trafficking and abusive situations, reintegrate back into society and provide rehabilitation. The extent of our work is beyond just simple tasks, and wouldn’t be possible without our ever committed team from Chora Chori Nepal (CCN). This month, CCN welcomed two team members into Chora Chori for its capacity enhancement.

Ms. Roma Bhandaree

“I am Roma Bhandaree, appointed as Deputy Director for Chora Chori Nepal. I am a master’s graduate in Social work from Tribhuwan University, and have been working in the child protection sector of Nepal for the past 6 years. Here at CCN, I am responsible for the holistic management, as well as coordinate with the Executive Director to oversee the operations, government liaison and administration in the organization.

Working at CCN for this last month has given me more exposure to how a work must be done with passion and dedication in a friendly environment, and taught me to work in coordination with other colleagues as well. Being a social worker, I always longed to work for humanity, which is exactly what our organization has been working for, so I am excited to work here with regards to my personal development field as well.”

Ms. Rojika Maharjan

“This is Rojika Maharjan, and I am the Development and Communications officer for Chora Chori. I recently graduated with my Master’s in Social Work, with specialization in children and family studies under the Erasmus program in Europe. I oversee the overall communications activity including child-centred communication strategic planning, website and blog management, social media management, assist in fundraising and reporting.

I am enlivened in my new role at CCN, where I have found the hopeful light of passion, love and dedication to help the children living in adverse conditions in Nepal. I really look forward to contribute in the child protection of Nepal, through my work in the communications. My role also gives me the opportunity to be creative and innovative as much as possible, and I love it.”

Chora Chori Nepal is actively developing major projects this year, and with that, it shall be reinforcing an equally dedicated team. It also seeks to establish a regional office in near future, to decentralize the work systematically.

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