August 23, 2018 Philip Holmes

Supporters celebrating their birthdays!

Two of our supporters are celebrating their birthdays by inviting friends to donate to ChoraChori rather than giving them presents.

This month, for the first time, two of our Facebook supporters have invited donations to ChoraChori in lieu of birthday presents from friends and family. Niraj Bhattarai is married to former ChoraChori-Nepal staff member Abha Karki and the couple are now living in California. Danni Nicholls is a professional singer-songwriter who along with a group of friends volunteered in Kathmandu and Hetauda back in 2006. I remember Danni’s singing voice from that time as she serenaded the refuge kids and since then she hasn’t looked back in her career. Here’s her website.

Click on the image below to watch Danni performing one of her favourite songs, “Beautifully Broken”. Unfortunately there are currently no YouTube films available of Niraj singing, but it’s still early days for him and we await keenly his musical debut.

Huge thanks and a very happy birthday to both Niraj and Danni. Presents from strangers most welcome too! And please remember us when your next birthday comes around.

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