January 31, 2018 Chora Chori

Environment & Natural Disasters

ChoraChori is of course primarily a children’s charity, however we are passionate about doing what we can to address climate change and make the planet habitable for future generations of children. Our Ambassador, Nims Purja, has taken the lead in making an impassioned call for action as he has seen first hand how quickly the Himalayan snows and glaciers are melting. We are now designing projects that will help us to make an environmental difference, for example using renewable energy sources, rainwater harvesting and composting. Where these can also give employment to young people, especially women in vulnerable communities, all the better.

We also stand ready to do what we can to address natural disasters, including the consequences of climate change. In 2015 we rebuilt three schools. While in 2018 we provided material support in response to the floods and landslides that had such devastating impact in south Nepal. Our support in such situations is very targeted, focussing on the communities that we already know well and thereby ensuring that assistance goes to the most desperate families.

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