February 4, 2018 Chora Chori

Empowering Girls in Nepal

In October 2019 we started a three-year collaboration with the Soroptimist International Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (SIGBI) through our joint “Empowering Girls in Nepal” project. You can read how we were selected for this great honour through this blog post. This project will allow us to reach out to vulnerable girls, including rape survivors, providing education and teaching them skills for life. Our in-house training at our Children’s Refuge and Rehabilitation Centre (CRRC) currently includes tailoring at basic and advanced levels and in silver jewellery making. In respect of the former we are pleased to be collaborating with Gandys Foundation, turning training into employment. For the latter, we are partnered with leading U.S. non-profit Her Future Coalition that is providing training support and consultancy. We are exploring other training options, including for activities that will benefit the environment.

SIGBI has committed to part-funding a new girls’ hostel from December 2019 that will provide 30 bed spaces for girls during their training and act as a halfway house for rape survivors prior to reintegration with their communities. Also, the opening of this hostel will allow us to convert what had been accommodation inside CRRC into additional training space. Together we aim to support up to 200 girls throughout the period of the project.

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