Project Description


In Kathmandu we have trained vulnerable girls in vocational skills including tailoring and silver jewellery manufacture.

For the former we have held six-month basic tailoring courses at the end of which the student has the option of returning home with a new sewing machine that we donate, ready to earn a living in her home area. Alternatively, she may continue with a six-month long advanced tailoring course that gives her a recognisable qualification and the skills to find a really good job in a factory or in business.

The silver jewellery training has been done in conjunction with U.S. charity, Her Future Coalition, with girls designing and making jewellery for sale locally and internationally.


ChoraChori receives no government funding in either the UK or Nepal. We are entirely reliant upon grants from corporates and Foundations along with gifts that arise from community fundraising and individual supporters. Please do remember our needs if you are writing or re-writing your will. Even gifting 1% for ChoraChori after you have made provision for your top priorities could be made to go a very long way in Nepal. For further information on how we spent donations last year please check this summary of our accounts. And to find out more, just write to the ChoraChori Founder, Philip Holmes