Project Description


Nepal has an open border with India that allows free passage of one another’s citizens. Perceived tantalising prospects in India have attracted adolescent Nepalese boys from the poorest rural areas to head south to seek employment and an income for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, their dreams can be quickly dashed after they are picked up by the Indian authorities and locked away in so-called “children’s shelters” which are effectively prisons. Our Nepal partner NGO, ChoraChori-Nepal, has been proactive in tracing these lost children, securing their freedom and reunification with families.

If reunification is not possible, we provide vocational training to equip them with the skills required for adult life and to prevent recurrence of this situation.

Since 2015 we have rescued and repatriated well over 200 boys from India, reuniting all but a few with their families – with parents who had often believed their sons to be dead.


ChoraChori receives no government funding in either the UK or Nepal. We are entirely reliant upon grants from corporates and Foundations along with gifts that arise from community fundraising and individual supporters. Please do remember our needs if you are writing or re-writing your will. Even gifting 1% for ChoraChori after you have made provision for your top priorities could be made to go a very long way in Nepal. For further information on how we spent donations last year please check this summary of our accounts. And to find out more, just write to the ChoraChori Founder, Philip Holmes