January 18, 2018 Philip Holmes

Dartmoor in a Day?

Do you think you could cross Dartmoor in a day? You can find out on the 8th September 2018 by joining ChoraChori’s Founder, Philip Holmes, as he takes on his major charity challenge for this year.

The Dartmoor in a Day event is fast becoming one of the UK’s top endurance challenges. You can read all about this gruelling, yet stunningly beautiful, route through this link. In summary, it’s a 50km journey from north to south across the best that Dartmoor has to offer, fully supported by Climb South West. You can run it or walk it – take the dog if you like.

Philip’s attempt to run the route will be more than a major fundraising goal. It will also be a personal one as he is trying to overcome an injury that grounded him at the end of last year. Read his story through his fundraising page. Time, distance and physical incapacity are no excuse for not supporting him – you can still leave a little sponsorship on his page to encourage him along!

We hope that we can field a great team, and especially from our supporters in the southwest. If you are travelling from further afield and would like some advice – we are very happy to provide some local knowledge on travel and accommodation.

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