Nepal’s lost children

The lost children of Nepal

The ChoraChori child rescue team needs your help!

The ChoraChori child rescue team is currently on a mission to retrieve more lost children of Nepal from India. Our colleagues went there to rescue 18 trafficked and displaced children from a children’s home in Bihar. But out of the blue the authorities have invited them to repatriate a further 14 Nepali kids from a second home. We urgently need your help. Read more:
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Nepal child sponsorship – the ChoraChori children’s refuge needs your support

Nepal Child Sponsorship

This month ChoraChori is launching a new Nepal child sponsorship scheme in support of the children at our Kathmandu refuge.

Why we need child sponsorship

The ChoraChori Kathmandu refuge is central to our unique child rescue programme which is bringing Nepal’s displaced and trafficked children back home to a positive future. At the refuge we offer the kids in our care the security they deserve after all the hardships and isolation they’ve experienced in India. However the care costs are daunting for a small charity such as ours. So we’d like to interest you in becoming a “Friend of the Refuge” who can underpin our very special work. In return for your kind sponsorship we will send you a six-monthly update each June and December that will explain the impact of your gift.

Sponsorship levels to suit everyone

We have set our Nepal child sponsorship at four levels with donations pooled to meet the following needs:

  • £5 per month – a “savings” sponsorship. We will give each child at the refuge an individual “savings book”. At the end of every month we will credit that book with an equal share of the total savings sponsorship income. These savings then becomes the child’s when he or she leaves the refuge.
  • £10 per month – a “recreation” sponsorship funds activities such as sport, outings and celebrating festivals
  • £20 per month – an “education” sponsorship will cover the cost of books, stationery, uniforms, school fees etc
  • £30 per month – a “general care” sponsorship pays for food, clothes, medical expenses and refuge operating costs

15% of sponsorship income will cover ChoraChori’s programme management costs. These include, for example, the cost of providing sponsors with the regular update that will be exclusive to Friends of the Refuge. We can accept Nepal child sponsorship in any major currency and you can pay it monthly, quarterly or as an annual lump sum. We are very happy to accept any combination of sponsorship options up to the total cost of care for one or more children.

Nepal child sponsorship

Child protection is vital

Please note that while we wish to enjoy a close relationship with Friends of the Refuge, the protection and welfare of the children will remain paramount. Many Nepal child sponsorship schemes foster direct relationships between sponsors and children and this is not necessarily in the best interests of either party. Our approach ensures that the sponsorship scheme benefits all of the children and that no child feels left-out.

What to do next

To sign up as a Friend of the Refuge just click the button below and complete the form with the appropriate amount. Then leave us a personal message as to which aspect of our work you’d like to sponsor. Please note that the very nice people at BT MyDonate provide this as a free service. They charge only the unavoidable credit card processing fee of 1.3% or a fixed £0.15 for each debit card transaction. If you are a UK taxpayer BT will reclaim the Gift Aid for us, again free of any commission charge. For non-UK citizens, although a donation has to be recorded on the form in £, BT will convert this back into your home currency for your debit/credit card account.

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