September 30, 2016 Philip Holmes

A challenging family reunification

Yesterday was an emotional day at the ChoraChori-Nepal office as we returned “Ganesh” (not his real name) to his family. This was with mixed feelings as he’s been one of the most popular kids at our refuge and he comes from a very difficult family background. Some years ago his mother died and his father remarried. As is often the case in Nepal, there was a strained relationship between Ganesh and his stepmother, which is why he ran away from home to end up in an Indian children’s home. He was handed over yesterday to his maternal grandparents, maternal aunt and cousin (who is in the Kathmandu police) in the hope that family bonds can be rebuilt during the forthcoming Dashain festival celebrations. We have made it clear that if the reunification doesn’t work out we are happy to support Ganesh’s care and education with his aunt, with the ultimate safeguard of a potential return to the refuge. We remain committed to children being with families as far as possible while maintaining this all-important safety net for children we’ve rescued from India.img_2979 img_2986img_2994

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