Lost for words

Lost for words ChoraChori aims to return the children it rescues from India to their families. This makes for emotional reunions. When we reunited Naresh with his grandmother two weeks ago she was quite overwhelmed (see picture). Indeed, we believe it to be unprecedented for a Nepali grandmother to be lost for words. Naresh

Return to the Kathmandu refuge

A failed attempt at child reunification ChoraChori has returned most of the children it has rescued from India to their families. Usually parents and siblings have greeted returnees with open arms; this was the case with Bibash in my previous post.  Occasionally, and in spite of our best efforts, family reunification doesn't work out and

A ChoraChori home visit

Following up Bibash In December 2015 ChoraChori repatriated fifteen year old Nepali boy Bibash Tamang along with 23 other children in a major child rescue operation.  Our field staff who reunited Bibash with his family the following January returned last week to see how he was getting along. Why did he leave home? Bibash's family

Volunteering in Nepal

Volunteering in Nepal ChoraChori doesn't operate an international volunteer programme for its Nepal projects. It's not permitted for foreigners to work in Nepal while on a tourist visa and without a work permit. We understand and respect that legislation in a country where there's a scarcity of jobs and no shortage of skilled local people

The way to Mahendranagar

The Way to Mahendranagar After rescue and rehabilitation of trafficked and displaced children, ChoraChori's main aim is to reunite them with their families. Field staff member Yogesh Dhami is currently on a reunification mission in west Nepal. Boy on a Bike Reunification in Nepalgunj In December we posted about Sudip. We took him

Son of The Thief

ChoraChori rescues former street kid with a story to tell This is the story of Ramesh, a former street kid in both Nepal and India. ChoraChori rescued him in March this year after Ramesh completed a tough journey, both literally and metaphorically. Gulmi District Son of The Thief Ramesh was born 17 years