Could you go to Hell and Back for ChoraChori?

Hell and BackA remarkable charity challenge

Hell and Back” has to be among one of the toughest mental and physical endurance challenges in Europe. You can test that assertion out for yourself by signing up today for an event that for sure you’ll never forget. It’s held each June and September in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. Just take a look at what’s involved by clicking on the image on the left. The June event runs over 12km while the September one is a mere 7km. The entry fee for the former is €62 while the latter costs €56.

Supporting ChoraChori’s education projects in Nepal

Yes, there’s a purpose to the collective madness of Hell and Back. If you sign up to join our team you will be supporting our education programme in Nepal. In essence we have been doing our bit to help Nepal recover after the disastrous earthquakes of 2015. We have rebuilt three primary schools in devastated hill communities and are supporting their day to day running costs. Our challenge has been to not just erect classrooms that are stronger than before but also to restore the confidence of children and teachers. We are also providing computers and scientific equipment to one of Nepal’s best state secondary schools; Kitini School has achieved remarkable results in spite of being terribly under-resourced and it so deserves a helping hand.

How ChoraChori will help you get to Hell and Back

They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Forget good intentions – this is a time to act for one of Nepal’s best children’s charities. The way to smooth the path for yourself is to sign up and then get going with some serious fundraising. And if you can raise a minimum sponsorship of £300 (or equivalent in any major currency) we’ll refund your entry fee!

To find out more check out the event website using the button below. Then e mail us if you’d like to join our intrepid team.Find out more


Supporting Kitini Higher Secondar School, Lalitpur, Nepal

imgonline-com-ua-piconpic-6a4U8XpAro6DThe boys from the ChoraChori refuge in Kathmandu attend Kitini Higher Secondary School which is one of the best state schools in Nepal. This is thanks to its first class leadership, including from the Headteacher, Mr Saroj KC. The school provides a full education from ECD classes right up to Bachelor’s degree level. At the moment there are 600 students attending in classes ECD up to Grade 10, with 550 in the High School and Bachelor’s programmes. And pupils are drawn from a wide area including from the three hill village schools that we have supported through our 2016 “Educating Reeti” campaign. Results are remarkable with a 100% pass rate in last year’s 10th Grade School Leaving Certificate examination. School graduates progress to find very good jobs and sometimes quite prominent places within Nepali society. See the film “When I grow up” by clicking on the image on the left.

Nevertheless, our refuge boys are in a minority at the school for 70% of the pupils are girls. Why the imbalance? The reason is entirely one of gender discrimination for parents are willing to fund their sons’ education at private schools while their daughters are sent to state schools. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to overcome such attitudes within Nepalese society, but in the meantime ChoraChori aims to give the school the funding support we believe it needs and deserves.

We are asking for your kind help with two fundraising goals. The first is to help us purchase the 12 new computers that will allow the school to extend computer studies to the highest grades. The existing 12 computers are now obsolete (10 years old) and of these three aren’t working. The second goal is to set up a science laboratory without which the school can’t teach the subject in any meaningful way. A science lab will benefit pupils in grades 8 to 10, with 85 pupils in each year.

To find out more about ChoraChori’s broad education programme and objectives for 2017 please click here. To make a donation – in any major currency – please use the button below. Many thanks!



Nepal International Marathon

Nepal International MarathonNepal International Marathon

ChoraChori is recruiting runners to take part in this year’s Nepal International Marathon. This challenging, scenic trail running event takes place each November and is held in the hills above Kathmandu.

Fancy taking on the run of a lifetime?

Applications are now open for this year’s Nepal International Marathon that the Impact Marathon Series will manage between 13th and 19th November 2017. The idea of the Nepal International Marathon is that you can run in support of a chosen Nepal charity project. During the course of the week you’ll get the opportunity to visit your project and get your hands dirty with a short local volunteering task. The magical part is that you and 120 fellow runners will stay in a pop up camp that the organisers set up in a stunning hill-top location.

Choose your camping style and running distance

There are three options – taking your own tent (£495), glamping (£645) or luxe glamping (£795). You can select a 10km, half marathon or full marathon route over trails that involve significant Nepalese undulations. Click the picture above left to get an idea of what it’s all about and to sense the amazing atmosphere. Not to mention the pain and the triumph of crossing the finish line!

Helping Nepali schools

Nepal International Marathon

Children enjoying a free lunch at a ChoraChori supported school

By choosing ChoraChori you will be raising sponsorship towards our education programme. Through this we have been reinstating education in the wake of the Nepal earthquakes of 2015. Those two massive earthquakes had a devastating impact on Nepali children. But we’ve risen to the challenge, rebuilding three schools. Additionally, we’ve provided vital short term revenue support to encourage attendances and reduce drop outs. That initiative makes children less vulnerable to trafficking.

Our preferred fundraising platform for UK participants is BT MyDonate. Although it has fewer bells and whistles than the other fundraising sites, it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective. You can find out more about the Nepal International Marathon and sign up through the button below. But please remember that November is a peak time to visit Nepal and flights become more expensive to book the longer you wait!

Find out more

Remembering Christian Kaesler in Nepal

imgonline-com-ua-piconpic-7QzpRNMCgXJ9Yesterday was one of those really heart-warming days that we are privileged to experience from time to time in Nepal. It was the occasion of the official opening of the new TulsaDevi school that ChoraChori rebuilt after the earthquake. But it was special also in that the inauguration was in memory of Christian Kaesler, whose parents were major donors towards the project. Click on the image on the left to watch the film and find out more.

Laying the foundations of a new project for ChoraChori!

At long last we’ve been able to get started with preparing the foundations of our new girls’ trauma management centre that is being built adjacent to our boys’ refuge in Godawari, Kathmandu. This 12 bed residential facility should be complete in ten weeks’ time and will allow us to expand the rehabilitation services that support our rescue operations in India. This is not designed to become another girls’ hostel but rather a place where specialist support can be applied to acute trauma situations. Beyond that we will also offer a referral service and support to other child welfare organisations and to Nepal’s Central Child Welfare Board. To do this we will be drawing upon the expertise of professionals in Nepal and abroad, including some provided by our German partner, Hatemalo.

This project has only been possible through the efforts of some great guys from the UK – Philip Hunter, Rory Buckworth, Sam Day, Arthur Woods and Jonathan Davies. The first three raised the funds we needed to build the centre through their sponsored cycle ride from Shanghai to Kathmandu – “Taking the High Road” – while Arthur and Jonny have done their bit with key volunteer support on the ground.

Now we are working hard to raise the funds we need to operate the centre and networking with potential project partners. All suggestions welcome!Foundations markings


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