Reuniting Alok

One of the major challenges that ChoraChori has to contend with in reuniting children with families is that sometimes the children they rescue from India give false family details. Alok's story is a case in point. The Salaam Baalak Trust handed this sixteen-year-old to the ChoraChori rescue team during its last visit to Delhi. At

Usan beat me at chess

Over the coming three years ChoraChori plans to rescue 300 Nepali children from India. Based upon the outcome of our 60 rescues since August we can now safely assume that one third of those rescued cannot be returned to families. This is because we don't know the family whereabouts or because the domestic circumstances won't

Visiting Reeti in Nepal

I was very privileged today to accompany my wonderful colleagues at ChoraChori Nepal and ChoraChori UK Trustee Julie Graham on a visit to the three schools that we are helping to recover after the earthquakes - three schools being rebuilt and children who are growing in confidence about their schooling. We took with us school

Children’s Voices, Children’s Rights

After last year's earthquakes there was a priority to restore education in the affected Districts as quickly as possible. This involved constructing so-called "Temporary Learning Centres" (TLCs) which could provide some basic shelter while schools were rebuilt. Sadly a newly-released report by five aid agencies including UNICEF and Save the Children entitled "Children's Voices, Children's