Taking the High Road

We currently have three British cyclists taking on the challenge of a lifetime as they take the high road from Shanghai to Kathmandu – a mere 7,500km! Philip Hunter, Rory Buckworth and Sam Day are making the journey entirely self-funded and unsupported and are approaching the half way point as they travel through Vietnam. Not content with stretching themselves to the limit physically they’ve also produced a blog and a video diary on the way. Their delightful stage one and stage two/three diary reports are not to be missed! They’re going to these lengths to raise £50,000 in sponsorship towards the building of a girls’ refuge at Godawari in Kathmandu. Check out their fundraising page to see how they’re getting along and please take a few moments to make a small donation.

The refuge will have a 40 bed capacity and serve the vital role of providing transit and rehabilitation facilities for girls that we rescue from India. We will be building it to an earthquake-resistant design in partnership with the NGO Good Earth Nepal who specialise in innovative earthbag technology – check out what’s involved in that here. ChoraChori-Nepal and Good Earth Nepal have surveyed the site and completed the soil testing and it’s had the thumbs up. So we can start very soon with a view to having the refuge in operation by the end of 2016.

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More reunification of Nepali children

Mother reunited with her two lost children

Handover of children at Nepal's Central Child Welfare BoardToday two brothers aged 10 and 11 were reunited with their mother at the Central Child Welfare Board in Kathmandu. They were from the 17 children that ChoraChori-Nepal has just rescued from India. Two months ago their mother had filed a missing report at the police station when she realised the boys were missing. After that she’d searched everywhere for them to no avail. After their horrible experience in India they’re not likely to go adventuring again.


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